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BIC® & TerraCycle


BIC, in partnership with TerraCycle, has launched in 2011 a program to collect used writing instruments, whatever their brand, to turn them into new useful products. This free program enables every school, charity, company willing to participate, to organize the voluntary collection of writing instruments in their establishments.

This initiative is not only a way to raise awareness and make a responsible action for the environment, it is also a charitable action. In return for this civic gesture, 0.01€ per writing instrument collected is donated to a charity chosen by the team; in the case of schools, the money can be donated directly to the school in order to finance a future educational project. 

Getting involved with the BIC and TerraCycle collection program is simple: volunteers from the organization willing to start to collect should register on TerraCycle website, where they will be able to download marketing material to launch and animate their collection locations (posters, prepaid shipping labels, etc.)


Taking a step forward in the writing instruments collection programme launched in 2011 with TerraCycle, BIC is starting a new chapter to enter the circular economy. In partnership with Plas Eco, a French company which specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of outdoor furniture, BIC has initiated the first range of outdoor furniture made in France from recycled pens.

Ubicuity™ is the result of a successful collaboration between partners of an independent recycling chain. Sponsored and driven by BIC, this recycling chain is based on an innovative partnership with TerraCycle, Govaplast and Plas Eco, and organized as follows:

  • TerraCycle provides teams with the toolkit to organize the collection of discarded pens at the very place where they are used.

  • A recycling provider shreds the pens, sorts out the plastics selected for the outdoor furniture and sends them to Govaplast.

  • Govaplast uses the recycled plastics to manufacture post-consumer plastics boards that are then sent to Plas Eco.

  • Plas Eco designs, manufactures, supplies and sells Ubicuity™ products.

Ubicuity™ range is designed and made in France, with 7 types of products including benches, picnic tables, educational planters for schools.

Find our press release on our site Bicworld.com